Dr. Stephen Frye Supports Marriage Equality!

11 May

Steve Frye, M.D. fully supports the President. Says,” I’ve got the President’s back!”

11 May


Dr. Stephen Frye Declares, “I’ve Got Barack Obama’s Back!”



I’ve got the President’s back and I fully support our Affordable Care Act, especially sinceNevada has among the highest rates of unemployed and uninsured in the nation. We have so many people with preexisting conditions, including alcoholism, drug problems, gambling addictions, domestic violence victims, etc. that this insurance is their only hope. As a practicing physician I saw this almost daily.

I also fully support our hugely successful Recovery and Reinvestment Act, commonly know as the “Stimulus.” President Obama inherited the Titanic after it hit the iceberg and miraculously saved all the people. This stimulus was a major success and our auto industry is back stronger than ever and this saved millions of jobs. Had we followed the austerity plan of the Republicans to cut billions of dollars from our safety net, we would have had no growth, as most ofEurope in the last couple of years has found out. He could not save the ship, representing all the jobs or foreclosures, but the President did prevent another great Depression of 1929 which was also given to us by a Republican, Herbert Hoover.

Let’s not forget that it took our own FDR three terms to get us out of the great Depression, so our President has really performed miracles, in spite of Republicans that had no desire for compromise or the best interest of the country. Their only goal was to make Obama a one term President. We cannot let them happen. Need convincing? Look at President Obama’s record, he already has created more jobs in three years than Bush created in eight, and remember, Bush inherited a surplus from our great President Clinton.

We really need four more years of our brilliant President. His courage and vision is what we need to fully from the economic morass the previous Republican administration left this country in. We must stick to his progressive vision in order to have a super majority and end the tyranny of the obstructionist Tea Party Republicans.

Stephen H. Frye,M.D.


For Immediate Release: Stephen Frye, M.D. Files to Run in Nevada’s CD3

19 Mar


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Stephen Frye, M.D. Files To Represent Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District as a Progressive Democrat


Media Contact: Derek Washington 702-576-4978 / fryefornevada@gmail.com


Decorated former Green Beret and currently practicing medical doctor, Stephen Frye, M.D., has filed to represent Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.


Never having had the desire to be a politician, Dr. Frye decided to run for Congress when he realized that what was needed to beat Joe Heck was a strong progressive Democrat who understood the needs of Veterans and families in search of the best possible education for their children. Dr. Frye is one of the leading voices nationwide on the need to end our calamitous “War on Drugs”. In addition, Stephen Frye, M.D. advocates the re-legalization of Industrial Hemp as an immediate source of “Green” jobs through farming and manufacturing inNevada. Dr. Frye is strongly pro-union and looks forward to the day whenNevada’s labor force is fully protected.


Dr. Stephen Frye looks forward to debating his fellow Democrats running to represent the Democratic Party in the battle to beat Joe Heck. In fact, he calls upon John Oceguera to work with him to arrange a series of debates throughoutSouthern Nevadato give Nevadans an idea of the clear choices they have in deciding who will be the best person to defeat Joe Heck in November.



NAACP Has Voted to End the War on Drugs

5 Mar

Check out this powerful video about why the NAACP has voted to end the war on drugs.

HHS Ruling on Contraception Coverage

31 Jan

The most Progressive candidate for Congress in Nevada CD3

I, Stephen H. Frye, M.D. a former medical school professor and Democratic candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional district want you to know that I  fully support the Department of Health and Human Services “rule that will require most health insurance plans to cover preventive services for women including recommended contraceptive services without charging a co-pay, co-insurance or a deductible.”  This will provide all women with “access to the full range of the Institute of Medicine’s recommended preventive services, including all FDA -approved forms of contraception…Scientists have abundant evidence that birth control has significant health benefits for women and their families, it is documented to significantly reduce health costs, and is the most commonly taken drug in America by young and middle-aged women.”
An unwanted pregnancy is a medical and a psychological disaster. A tiny percentage of women die during an abortion, even a legal abortion, and a small percent of women die during childbirth, and this is called maternal mortality. Both of these categories of death are completely preventable by safe effective birth control. 
Furthermore, women that have taken birth control pills for more six months have a 50 percent reduction in ovarian cancer, a particularly deadly form of cancer because the ovaries are deep within the abdomen and by the time there are symptoms, the cancer has already spread. In addition women that have used IUDs for more than six months have a 50 percent reduction in cervical cancer. So there are incredible health benefits to women from using these well-established safe forms of birth control.

Dr. Stephen Frye’s Letter to The Clark County Democratic Party

19 Jan

Dr. Stephen Frye The Most Progressive Democrat Running to Represent NV CD3

Dr Frye’s message to Clark County Democrats:

I am Dr. Stephen Frye, a physician, former medical school professor, Green Beret Veteran, a father and the most Progressive Democrat asking for your vote to represent Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. Like you, I am proud to attend this weekend’s caucus to ardently support President Obama.

In these trying economic times, Nevada needs to be represented by someone who understands, not only the unique problems affecting this district, but also Nevada and the whole country. It takes someone with a specific plan to create hundreds of thousands of green American jobs and my industrial hemp proposal will do just that. We need someone that believes in Social Security and Medicare and can stand up to the Republican right wing special interests that support Joe Heck. We need someone who cares about the middle and lower classes, and not just the multi-millionaires and billionaires.

The first great Depression was caused by Republican Herbert Hoover and it took our great Democratic President FDR three terms to restore the country. This great Recession was caused by Republican George W. Bush and caused a combined 14 trillion dollar loss in housing, stock portfolios and retirement plans. President Obama has made great strides despite constant obstruction by the Republicans. If only we could go back to the great country we had when Bill Clinton left office and we had a surplus after he created 22 million jobs in eight years, more than Presidents Reagan, GHW Bush and GW Bush created together in 20 year!

We need strong leadership, and I want to join President Obama, Shelley Berkley and Harry Reid to provide it. I am a medical doctor and former medical school professor and have never held public office. I’m not running for enrichment, but because I have dedicated myself to improving and saving lives. Ending our disastrous drug war by taxing and controlling drugs will dramatically reduce drug use and drug addiction and save tens of thousands of lives annually here and around the world. The money we now squander on prisons that hold primarily pot smokers as the majority of drug offenders can then be used to reduce the national debt or provide more teachers and nurses that actually accomplish something.

I will always defend a woman’s right to choose and I challenge every other candidate in this race to make that same promise. Furthermore, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a lifelong disabling condition and marijuana causes no birth defects. It’s also a proven treatment for alcoholism, so it can help women get off alcohol and deliver healthy babies, instead of severely impaired babies.

As a former Green Beret doctor that took care of some of the returning veterans during the Viet Nam era, I’m fully aware of the alcohol, drug problems and especially the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that haunts them upon their return. I will always demand a strong and effective military that values our veterans and takes care of them in a manner that they deserve after they have bravely served our country. PTSD is a dangerous condition that can be treated and we must provide this treatment to all our veterans that need it. I will also insist that we honor our commitment to our only democratic ally in the Middle East, Israel, and guarantee its defense against our common enemies.

I will always demand that we protect our natural resources and insist that we bring Green Energy and jobs to the 3rd Congressional District. Industrial hemp will grow in all 50 states and my hemp proposal to re-legalize it will revitalize both our agricultural and industrial sectors.

As a former medical school professor, I will support our teachers and honor their service. Teachers are our first line of defense in keeping America the world’s innovator and educating the next generation. They deserve fair wages and much more respect for being the heroes that they are.

Tragically our high school drop-out rate in most big American cities is around 50%. In the Netherlands where they have controlled and taxed drugs for more than 35 years, their drop-out rate is only eight percent. That’s No Child Left Behind! When teens can’t make money selling pot and drugs, they stay in school. I will strongly advocate for the end to the ruinous “War on Drugs” which has cost our country more than a trillion dollars and just enriches the prison industrial complex.

I will work hard to work with state and local officials to bring innovation in the form of new industries to Nevada. We must encourage New Media and high tech companies, film and television production, light manufacturing, industrial hemp growth and production, and medical tourism. By doing this, we improve our standard of living which decreases our crime rates and provides the funds for an improved education for our children.

I will fight harder than any other person in Washington, DC to make sure that federal projects coming to Nevada come to CD3. I also pledge that I will adhere to the letter, spirit and intent of the Clark County Democratic Party platform and I challenge every candidate running in CD3 to make the same pledge.

My name is Dr. Stephen Frye and I’m running for Congress. I offer myself to you as a physician, an author and expert on our failed drug war and industrial hemp, a proud Special Forces veteran, and a strong leader that can provide the long range planning we need to create jobs and improve our economy and education. .

What Would Dr. King Think of America’s “War on Drugs”?

17 Jan

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr January 15 1929 - April 4, 1968

As we celebrate the life of one of America’s greatest heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we must ask if we as a nation are living up to his lofty ideals. While the African American community has made great strides in areas such as discrimination in housing and employment, the community is plagued by many issues not of its own making. The worst of these plagues is the governments’ “War on Drugs.”

This so called “war” has really been an excuse for the prison industrial complex to massively incarcerate young men of color in the name of fighting crime. If you or a relative have dealt with the justice system over the last few years, you know of the practice of “piling on” additional charges on young Black men. So many extra charges are piled on that these men ,more often than not, accept outrageous plea deals that not only send them to Federal prison but also mark them for life.

What would Dr. King think of his country if he knew that in our capital city of Washington, D.C.., 3 out of 10 African American men are expected not to go to college, but to be incarcerated? How would King feel to know that here in the freest country in the world’s history, over 2,000,000 people are incarcerated? The “War on Drugs” has resulted in an incarceration rate far out of proportion for its population for young Black men. What’s more is that this rate went from under 200,00 before this soul destroying “war” was declared. The disparity in sentencing is outrageous in its very blatancy. While racial groups use drugs at basically the same rate, Black men are sent to prison at twenty to fifty times that of white men.

One can imagine Dr. King rising up and gathering his flock to express the outrage of a country at this heinous mass incarceration of people of color. Who doesn’t think that he would be the first to stand up and loudly proclaim that this war on people of color must end? As we remember all of the countless good things Dr. King did for this country, let us also imagine what causes he would be fighting for today and pick up where he left off.

For the sake of America and the African American community, please, let us end this awful “War on Drugs”.

Dr. Stephen Frye
Candidate for Nevada Congressional District 3

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